Support Local & Independent

A photographic documentation of local, independent business owners in Bournemouth, Boscombe, Southbourne and others. 

My aim is to try and reach out to local newspapers, zine’s, magazines and social media, in a bid to support independent business and engage with the local community, offering them the opportunity to put a face to the name, through a portrait and potentially written pieces about the business. 

Each photo will be shown as part of a series alongside other images taken in independent/local businesses in Bournemouth.

'We specialise in filter and pour over coffee, it's locally roasted and delivered to us by bike.

Our in-house blend of filter coffee is called 'Whipskid' which is a blend of Brazilian and Burundi coffee beans, roasted by Bad Hand Coffee (based in Bournemouth). 

We're probably most famous for a breakfast burrito; we do a veggie version and a vegan version and it's all made fresh and comes with our jalapeño jam which is also really popular.'

Velo Domestique offers a cafe in which you can sit and relax with a coffee while getting your bike fixed up. They strive to be sustainable and ethical in everything they put their hand to.

'We work with a few British (bike) Companies, doing some really interesting stuff at the moment and also a couple of Danish companies that we work with to build our cargo bikes. The bikes follow our ethos of trying to encourage people to use bikes as much as possible, with bikes that have more purpose and enable you to leave your car at home or not need a car all together, by being able to carry kids and other things on your bike.' 


'Moose is a 100% skater owned and operated skateboard shop in Boscombe, Bournemouth. Not only do we provide you with the finest quality products from skateboarding's diverse mainstream and underground, we are focused on supporting the local skate scene.'

'Everything is made from scratch, by hand, from mainly local, seasonal and organic ingredients.'

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